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Swami Shuddhabodhananda Saraswati Vedanta Teacher

Swamiji has been teaching Vedanta in Mumbai for close to forty years & has published books in particular on 'BrahmasutraShankarabhashya', 'You Are Absolute Happiness' and 'Vedantic Ways to Samadhi' with translations to a number of Indian languages. He offers discourses in English, Hindi , Kannada & Marathi. More details can be accessed at

Born in a highly religious family, Swami Shuddhabodhananda Saraswati had a spiritual bent of mind from his very childhood. He developed a keen interest in Vedanta and studied it from the age of 20 during his college days in 1961. He further underwent an intensive training course in Vedanta at the feet of his Gurus – Pujya Sri Swami Chinmayananda Saraswati and Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati during 1976-78.

Swamiji's research-oriented nature and mathematical bent of mind makes his teaching replete with in-depth analysis characterized by utmost simplicity and precision. He has taught most of the entire Prasthanatrayi and conducts annual Vedanta camps. Know more